How much does it cost to charge an electric car?

How a lot does it price to cost an electrical automotive?

Calculating the price of charging an electrical car, each at residence and on the street, might be difficult. to Four out of five new car buyers can charge them at homeTypically in a single day, the price per mile is nearly at all times cheaper than the price of gasoline for the same automotive. It is tougher for condo residents, who could pay a wide range of charges to corporations that function charging stations in shared parking areas. For DC quick charging, which a driver will doubtless wish to use on street journeys which are longer than an electrical automotive’s vary, costs fluctuate, however are sometimes roughly consistent with gasoline costs.

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Due to these elements, the value for full delivery can fluctuate drastically. For a Tesla Mannequin Y, at present the best-selling electrical automotive, it could actually price as a lot as $9 or as a lot as $40, relying on whether or not you cost at residence or with a way more costly Stage 3 quick charger.

To take a look at the very best and worst instances, we have chosen 3 electrical automobiles that vary from small to giant, from comparatively environment friendly to large and energy-hungry. We regarded on the highest and lowest residential charging charges, which might fluctuate between states by an element of about 4 instances. Lastly, we calculated the price of DC quick charging for a street journey.

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Calculating the true price – it is difficult

This is a query to consider: Are you aware what you are paying at residence for a kilowatt-hour of electrical energy? Few individuals can reply this query with out performing some analysis. (the The average cost in the United States is now about 16 cents per kilowatt-hour; 1 kWh can transfer most EVs two to 3 miles.) EV drivers can typically benefit from discounted charges from their electrical utilities that encourage charging when demand is lowest, for instance, from 11 pm to six am

As for DC quick charging for street journeys, pricing is difficult. It varies between networks, could also be decrease at night time, and will or could not require a session charge per charging connection. Most networks even have membership plans for a month-to-month charge however with decrease charges per kilowatt hour.

Let’s begin with the price per 100 miles

To make the calculations simpler and allow us to examine on to related gasoline automobiles, we checked out the price of driving 100 miles in every electrical car. For residence charging, we used the EPA’s estimated vary, which is set utilizing a mixture of native and freeway use. For DC quick charging, we assumed these had been all freeway miles and used our personal freeway vary assessments.

Residence charging has at all times been less expensive for 100 miles than paying for gasoline in an analogous automotive – lower than 1 / 4 of the value.

Normally, residence charging has at all times been less expensive for 100 miles than paying for gasoline in an analogous automotive, lower than 1 / 4 of the value. Then again, DC quick charging used for street journeys was usually costlier than gasoline. However inefficient automobiles pushed in locations the place gasoline is pricey should be a bit forward of the cost on highways.

Most EVs immediately cowl the majority of their miles utilizing charging at residence or work, so the weighted common provides EVs a decisive benefit – though this may increasingly not apply to condo dwellers with out the flexibility to put in their very own charging tools.

(Be aware: We added 5 % to the recharge energy in all our calculations Losses during shipping.)

Finest Situation: 2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV


In Louisiana, for a Bolt EV, 100 miles of residence charging is $2.81, and 100 miles of EVgo quick charging is $11.82; 100 miles in a small SUV that will get 33 mpg will price about $10.

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Chevrolet Bolt EV.


Ensure that it’s Not available for 2024however no Chevy Bolt EV It has discovered greater than 100,000 consumers throughout its operation, and is a extra trendy car than the previous mannequin Nissan leaf competes with. It is usually the one one which begins at lower than $30,000.

That is our most optimistic case, given the price of recharging a comparatively environment friendly electrical automotive in a state with very low electrical energy charges. We selected Louisiana, which is fractions of a cent decrease than Utah, each at $0.11/kWh.

at residence

Within the Bolt’s case, 100 miles represents 38.6 % of its EPA-rated vary of 259 miles. This share of the 63 kWh battery pack is 25.5 kWh. In Louisiana, 25.5 kWh of electrical energy prices $2.81 to drive 100 miles, when charged at residence. Examine that to a 33 mpg gasoline car that requires three gallons of gasoline in Louisiana Price: $3.36 per gallon. That is about $10, which suggests 100 miles of vary in a reasonably environment friendly, comparable gasoline automotive is 4 instances the price of 100 miles in a Bolt EV.

On the street

Throughout testing of a real-world 75 mph freeway vary, the Bolt lined 220 miles, so that is the quantity we’ll use. (Throughout a Testing a funky range in Death Valley, California(We had been capable of exceed the EPA’s estimated driving vary of 259 miles in the actual world.)

Doing the identical calculations, we’d like 30.1 kilowatt-hours to journey 100 miles. GM is partnering with the EVgo charging community, which prices a $1 session charge plus $0.36/kWh on a pay-as-you-go plan. This quantity of electrical energy would price the driving force $11.82, or almost 20 % greater than gasoline.


Residence delivery is less expensive; Freeway journey prices extra per mile.

2023 Tesla Mannequin Y Lengthy Vary


For a Tesla Mannequin 100 miles in a 28 mpg compact SUV will price about $13.70.

Tesla 2020 long range model

Tesla Mannequin Y Lengthy Vary.

Mark Urbano//Automobile and driver

We selected the Mannequin Y as a result of it’s the present best-selling electrical car in North America. Almost half of the electrical automobiles on U.S. roads are Teslas, and the corporate’s compact SUVs occupy a candy spot in a pickup truck section that households have turned to in droves.

That is our common case, given the price of recharging the most typical electrical car within the US with a mean US electrical energy value of $0.16/kWh. The Mannequin Y Lengthy Vary is EPA-rated at 330 miles in combined native and freeway use, although EV advocates and our personal vary assessments counsel Tesla’s vary estimates are optimistic.

at residence

Sticking with our methodology, this represents 30.3 % of the 75 kWh battery, or 23.9 kWh required. At a family electrical energy value of $0.16, that is $3.82. Examine that, for instance, to a compact crossover that will get 28 mpg, 100 miles on the common U.S. gasoline value of $3.80. It requires 3.6 gallons, and prices $13.70. As soon as once more, the electrical automotive wins by an element of about 4 to 1 when charging at residence.

On the street

Touring on the freeway is a distinct story. the Tesla Model Y Lengthy-term mannequin we examined Our highway test route Delivered solely 220 miles. So we’d like 35.8 kWh to cowl 100 miles. The Tesla Supercharger community has variable charging prices, starting from $0.25 to $0.50 per kilowatt-hour relying on how a lot energy the station can present, the time of day (nights are cheaper), and the place you might be positioned (California is usually costlier).

Within the best-case supercharging state of affairs, the Mannequin Y prices $9.95 with a supercharger for 100 miles of journey; Within the worst instances, it is twice that. These are respectively decrease and better than the gasoline you employ, so… . . It relies upon.


Residence delivery is less expensive; For freeway journey, it relies upon.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup 2024


For a GMC Hummer EV in Hawaii, 100-mile residence charging is $27.48, and 100-mile freeway charging is $37.11 or extra; 100 miles in a fuel Hummer at 10 mpg will price $47.90.

2022 GMC Hummer SUT EV First Edition

GMC Hummer EV Version 1 Pickup.

Deliver a trailer

The Hummer EV has already achieved its mission: making electrical automobiles highly effective. Its off-road capabilities, four-wheel steering, and spectacular acceleration (To 60 mph in 3.3 seconds) Make it a summit. . . one thing. Its big battery pack is required not solely to supply that acceleration, however to beat the aerodynamic drag of a car the dimensions of a small metropolis corridor.

That is our most pessimistic case: an enormous, inefficient electrical automotive being recharged in a state with the best electrification charges within the nation. That might be the state of Hawaii, at $0.42 per kilowatt-hour, as solely a 3rd of that electrical energy comes from the state’s plentiful solar and wind. The opposite two-thirds comes from burning fossil fuels shipped to the islands. (Gasoline is pricey in Hawaii too, An average of $5 per gallon Just lately — although it hasn’t reached the $5.35 stage in California.) The Hummer EV has a very big battery pack, with a complete usable capability of 205.0 kWh.

at residence

Protecting 100 miles will use 30.4 % of the battery capability, or 65.4 kilowatt-hours. In Hawaii, it will price you $27.48. However what sort of gasoline economic system can a 4.5-ton Hummer-shaped truck get? Let’s be beneficiant and say 10 mpg. (the predecessor of gasoline, Hummer H1, got 7 to 9 mpg At a comparatively curvaceous 3.75 tons.) On the value of fuel in Hawaii, that may be $47.90—almost twice the price of charging residence.

On the street

The Hummer EV impressed with a rating of 290 miles on the 75 mph freeway loop, which is a lot better than anticipated. To cowl 100 freeway miles, it might require about 34 % of the 205.0 kWh battery, or 74.2 kWh.

Hawaii has some DC fast charging stations (Though the state freeway pace restrict can be 60 mph.) Costs vary from $0.49 to $0.66 per kilowatt hour, relying on the time of day and placement. To make the mathematics simpler, let’s name it 50 cents per kilowatt hour, that means 100 miles of freeway would price $37.11. And sure, this implies it’s potential to spend Over $100 to fill up a Hummer EV.

For gasoline, even with the identical 10 mpg gasoline effectivity, 100 freeway miles would once more price $47.90. On this case, even DC quick charging was a bit cheaper in a largely inefficient automotive pushed in a state the place gasoline could be very costly.


The Hummer EV is an anomaly amongst electrical automobiles, although GM’s full-size pickups and SUVs use the identical underpinnings — so it could be an outlier amongst huge, heavy electrical automobiles with big batteries. Then again, Hawaii can be an anomaly, with costly gasoline. We did not count on DC quick charging to be cheaper than the gasoline equal of a Hummer, but it surely was.

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