The Midwest is a state of mind

The Midwest is a frame of mind

Why do 42% of Coloradans suppose they reside within the Midwest? Or 31% of Kentucky’s inhabitants? The Center West Assessment, a historical past and literature journal, lately employed Emerson School Bowling to ask 11,000 individuals in 22 states: “Do you contemplate your self residing within the Midwest?” The solutions they bought have been scattered all around the map.

The survey tried to outline regional ethos by geography, however states of thoughts don’t all the time battle with state borders. To make sure, greater than 96% of Iowans and Minnesotans suppose they reside within the Midwest, as do 93% of Wisconsin and Illinois residents and greater than 92% of North and South Dakota residents. However when greater than 25% of individuals in Arkansas and Idaho and 9% in Tennessee and Pennsylvania consider they reside within the Midwest, self-identity has misplaced contact with geography.

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