The Theology of Hamas - Wall Street Journal

The Theology of Hamas – Wall Road Journal

Hamas isn’t just a terrorist group, neither is it a Palestinian nationwide motion. It’s a spiritual group, embraced by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood, based in 1928, broke away from Islamic traditions and created Islamism, a totalitarian ideology to withstand the pluralistic West.

Her view of the world, in addition to the French political world Jill Keppel It has been documented that it grew up in the identical mental firmament as German Nazism and Italian Fascism. The Brotherhood has developed a brand new declaration of religion for its members: “God is our aim. The Prophet is our political chief. The Qur’an is our structure. Jihad is our means. Certification is our ambition.” No Muslim earlier than the 20th century would have disparaged the sacred textual content of his faith by viewing it as a political assertion.

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