How to care for a prayer plant

The way to take care of a prayer plant

Prayer crops are handsome, low-maintenance houseplants that add a pop of colour and magnificence to any room.

Native to Brazil, this tropical plant makes a shiny addition to your houseplant assortment with distinguished veins and crowd pleasing foliage. Varieties can be found in shades of sunshine inexperienced, darkish inexperienced and burgundy.

Prayer crops have a low-growing, clumping type and look greatest in hanging baskets or when thrown from pots on the sides of cabinets or finish tables. They’re normally inexpensive, making them an incredible choice for including colour with out spending quite a bit.

Enjoyable Reality: The prayer plant will get its distinctive frequent title from the truth that its leaves are… Fold at nightas if in prayer.

There are a number of various kinds of prayer crops accessible. Those you may see most frequently embrace:

  • Crimson prayer plant It has darkish inexperienced leaves with shiny purple-red markings and distinguished veins
  • “Lemon” prayer. crops It has darkish inexperienced leaves with chartreuse markings
  • Inexperienced prayer plant It has stunning inexperienced leaves with purple spots

The way to care for a prayer plant?

Prayer crops aren’t very fussy, however they like shiny, oblique mild to thrive.

It would adapt properly to medium to low mild ranges too, however will develop a little bit slower. A south- or east-facing window is greatest, or you may block out a sizzling, west-facing window with a sheer curtain. Simply be certain that they don’t seem to be uncovered to direct daylight, which is able to trigger their attractive leaf colours to fade.

If you do not have good mild, use an LED develop mild.

Feed your plant with any all-purpose plant fertilizer a number of instances a yr for the strongest development. You may also be certain that it stays tidy and compact in the event you prune your prayer plant a few times a yr, except you need it to have extra of a dangling plant look. Merely minimize off any lengthy cuttings that begin to seem (see under tips on how to root these to create new crops).

The way to water a prayer plant?

Prayer crops prefer to be stored calmly and always moist – not moist. Contact the highest of the soil earlier than watering. If it does not really feel moist, give your plant a drink. Simply be certain that the pot has drainage holes as a result of no houseplant likes to have moist ft. The surest technique to kill this plant is to maintain it moist.

Do prayer crops thrive?

Generally, sure!

Though it’s not frequent for prayer crops to bloom indoors, it could occur within the spring and summer season. The white and pinkish-purple flowers on slender stems are small in measurement, however they’re a positive signal that your plant is completely satisfied and receiving excellent rising circumstances!

Are prayer crops poisonous to pets?

Based on the ASPCA, Prayer plants are not toxic to pets. Nonetheless, any plant could cause digestive upset if eaten in massive sufficient portions, so hold all houseplants away from pets in case you have a rodent.

28 pet-friendly crops you may develop with out fear

How do you propagate a prayer plant?

There are a number of methods, however the best is to easily minimize a bit, ensuring it has few knots, that are these little brown issues on the base of the stems. Place the cuttings in a cup of water and place them close to a sunny window.

Change the water each week. As soon as roots have shaped in just a few weeks, place the slicing in moist potting combine in a brand new pot. You possibly can plant a number of seedlings in the identical pot for a fuller look.

Red prayer plant

Crimson-rooted prayer plant
Credit score: Roots

Neon prayer plant

Bloomscape Neon Prayer Plant
Credit score: Bloomscape

Lemon and lime prayer plant

California Tropical Prayer Plant Lemon and Lime
Credit score: California Tropical

Green prayer plant

Inexperienced vine prayer plant
Credit score: Vine Plant
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